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Bhikkhu Seelananda's Dharma Talks at Bhavana Society of West Virginia
Bhikkhu Seelananda
Ven. Seelananda was born and bred in Sri Lanka as a Theravada monk. Having received the invitation extended from American Sri Lankan Buddhist Association of New York he came to US for the dissemination of the Dhamma in 2002. He has established a meditation Center named “Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre” in Edmonton Canada. Ven. Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and the board of Directors have appointed Ven. Bhikkhu T. Seelananda as the Vice president and Vice Abbot of Bhavana Society from January 2011.
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2012-03-11 Mindfulness Of Breathing 59:18
Bhante Seelananda's talk on mindfulness of breathing
2012-03-10 Mindfulness 56:23
2011-12-16 Right Liberation 43:14
Talk on Right Liberation given by Bhante Seelananda in Texas
2011-12-15 Right Knowledge 42:14
Talk concerning Right Knowledge given by Bhante Seelananda
2011-12-14 Right Concentration 43:32
Right Concentration, a talk given by Bhante Seelananda in Texas
2011-12-14 Right Mindfulness 54:14
Talk on Right Mindfulness given in Texas by Bhante Seelananda
2011-12-13 Right Effort 47:35
Bhante Seelananda's talk on Right Effort given on retreat in Texas
2011-12-12 Right Livelihood 47:17
Right Livelihood speech given by Bhante Seelananda in Texas
2011-12-11 Right Action 45:43
Bhante Seelananda's talk on Right Action, given at a retreat in Texas
2011-12-10 Right Speech 51:52
Talk regarding Right Speech given by Bhante Seelananda during a retreat in Texas

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